Tool Hire

Drills and breakers for hire

We have a full range of Hilti, Makita drills and breakers and JCB Beaver breaker packs available including rotary, percussion and hammer for every job small or large. Drills and breakers can be supplied with various bits, points, chisels and core-bits depending on requirements.

Core drills hand held & drill rig, various size wet or dry core bits.

Saws, grinders and sanders for hire

We have a full range of saws for cutting wood, metal and masonry. We stock electrical saws ranging from circular to bench depending on type of work. Our range includes floor saws for masonry and asphalt and disc-cutters for cutting metal and masonry. For finishing and smaller jobs we stock grinders in different sizes and planers for both wood and concrete for use in hand or larger floor areas.

Concrete, cement mixers and compaction for hire

For jobs using concrete we can offer both petrol and diesel cement mixers and various sizes of pokers electric and petrol driven. A nice finish on your concrete is important so with this in mind we supply easy floats, Fresno brooms and power floats with blades and pan. Petrol plate compactors both light and heavy are available with larger forward and reversible diesel plates in the fleet and wacker rammers complete our compaction range.

Generators and Lighting for hire

For power on site our range includes petrol and diesel generators from 2.5kva up to 8kva super silenced with a full collection of various extension cables and lighting items from 500w tripod lights and plasterers lights up to 9metre lighting towers.

Pumping equipment for hire

For those times when you need water off your job we offer various water pumps. 2/3” centrifugal, diaphragm, trash and submersible all available with your required suction and delivery hose and joiners.

Lifting Equipment for hire

Manual and vacuum kerb lifters make those heavy jobs light work. A recent addition to our fleet is a mechanical grab with a lifting weight of 500kg.

S680 pack of blocks.   Lifting chains & shackles

Access Equipment for hire

Working off the ground can be dangerous but our alloy scaffold towers make the job safe our extensive range of components mean all heights are covered and for those jobs not so high we offer trestles and stagings in various sizes accompanied by ladders and platform steps. Building and renovating is made easier with our supply of acrow props and strong boys.

Traffic management equipment for hire

With the ever-increasing laws and regulations we offer a full range of traffic management equipment, road cones standard and big foot are available with various road signs and road plates available for access over excavated land. Barrier systems compromising of posts and feet can surround unsafe areas.

Heating, drying and Cleaning equipment for hire

For colder times our fleet can offer a range of heating equipment from cabinet heaters to space heaters powered by gas which we always keep in stock. Dehumidifiers speed up the drying process and flame guns can be used for drying and use with bitumen. For aspects of cleaning we have twin motor vacs for both dry and wet use floor scrubber and polisher and petrol pressure washers for outdoor use.

Air Equipment for hire

We offer an extensive range of air tools for use with our compressors to many to list in fact but they fall into the following categories:

  • Breakers
  • Drills
  • Grinders
  • Air pokers
  • Air saws
  • Scabblers and scalers
  • Air wrenches
  • Blow pipes
  • Air hoses

D.I.Y and Garden equipment for hire

for weekend jobs around the home and garden we can supply:

  • Carpet cleaners
  • Wallpaper strippers
  • Hedge cutters
  • Strimmers and brush-cutters
  • Tile cutters
  • Cement mixers (petrol/electric)